“Polônia brasileira”

The most Polish city in Brazil is in the south of the country. Áurea is a city that offers an authentic traditions for visitor experience.

Áurea, located in the north of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is the city with the most Polish citizens in Brazil.
There is the parish of the Nossa Senhora do Monte Claro, where the statue of Pope John Paul II stands.

Why do I start from the parish? It’s not by mistake, since religion is one of the strongest marks of Polish culture, which is mostly Christian. The Polish culture is so deep that even before entering the church, you are welcome with the bread and salt. It may not taste very good. But it is symbol of abundance and happiness.

Speaking of centuries, the municipality, with less than 4 thousand inhabitants, tries to keep alive the traditions passed down from generation to generation. They are managing to rescue this culture, this history that was lost.
The strongest way to keep the culture and traditions is through tourism. There is the Polish Paths project. The tourist who comes here to see the Polish Ways can choose the Immigrant Trail or the Resgatando a História.

The tourist visit the homes of families of Polish origin to check out the customs of the Polish. On the Immigrant Trail (R$ 50, with meals), which starts early, the visitor is welcomed to the sniadanie, which in Portuguese means breakfast. Ours was at the Macioroski house, served under trees on the property. The table is full, and it has to be that way – in Poland, the coffee is reinforced, since lunch will only be served around 2 pm or 3 pm.
How not to love an itinerary that starts with breads, jams, teas and coffees? And it’s not just the food that is typical there, but the clothes too. The style varies depending on which region of Poland the family came from.

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