Beginner in the kitchen

Easy recipes are coming soon.

Easy cooking

Well. well and here we go FOOD – very important supplement for living. I am almost 30 years old. On the past I didn’t like to cook at all. I lived with my parents so food was always at home. Ready to eat. In 2017 I moved from my parents house but I was still close enough to grab some food. After two years – 2019, I got married and I moved to Norway with my husband. Here I am – the kitchen was calling me “come to use me, and make delicious food” – I kept distance from for a while. My husband was cooking. Not so long ago I put my first steps. I am totally beginner but believe all food I make is super delicious. I would like to show you the first steps “how to adapt in a kitchen environment”. Belive me my recipes are EASY!

Cooking never been so good for me, for many years. Today I could say that finally I found my place in the kitchen. Maybe I sound too obsessed about this topic…. – no! I am easy person. I don’t like math, measures, amounts..etc. My brain is too easy. I can not convert 60 dag flours to cups of flour (well I can, but you know, it depends of the shape of cup). But since I started cooking, I can feel it. We all need measures to make a perfect food. Through my experience I realized that instinct and feelings give me a perfect measures. For example If I put too much flour to the dough then I have to put one egg or milk, water more…. to knead a good dough!

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